The Power of Makeup

I am about to do something I never would have thought, Share of a photo of myself with out makeup…sort of.  I went down a few Youtube rabbit holes and one of the videos I love watching are the power of make-up videos.  For the uninitiated, in these videos, people do one half of their make-up as glam and fabulous as they want, while keeping the other side bare.


I like these videos because it helps demystify how we see ourselves, especially in relation to the idealized media standards.  I enjoy  them because it is nice to see that underneath the make-up and the years of training spent trying to perfect it, they usually look a lot like me, like many of us.

Makeup for me used to be something I did for fun as a form of self expression, then for too many years, it was done to help me blend in, to fade away from notice.   Now, I am back.  I love playing around with makeup again.  Grabbing a handful of LipSense and mixing and working with colors until I create the one that suits my mood.  I feel great about myself.  And it isn’t about what others think, it is about what makes me feel strong, confident, fun and excited.  And that can be anything.  For some it’s wearing red lipstick to the grocery store,  or finding the perfect sun-kissed look while laying at the pool.

If I could offer one piece of advice, it would be, listen to yourself.  Listen to what makes YOU happy. Wear what brings you joy.  Don’t worry if you can wear that color, do it,  wear the color and have a blast doing it.

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